First Blog Post

So as i am new to writing a blog I will be writing small pieces while I am on my travels and when i have time. At the moment I am sat watching Disney’s Aristocats while looking for christmas presents. To begin with I will tell you a little about myself. I have currently started a new job in the last week which has been scary and difficult. Partially because I broke my toe a few days before starting and am currently hobbling around the office. I have also started a weight loss journey which I have been taking a break while my toe heals. It is coming up to christmas and there are many events I will be blogging about.

This blog will not reveal many personal details about myself as I am an ordinary 22 year old female however I hope that others can relate to some of my experiences. The things I write about will be from the past, present and future. Real life events that many of us go through daily however mine seem to be more embarrassing.

Please follow to keep updated.



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