Black Friday 

So today it’s Black Friday which means Christmas is on its way.  Also meaning there will have been at least 20 fights over a television, 50 fights over beer and thousands of fights between couples over suitable Christmas present for your uncles wife’s sister-in-laws daughter who you only see once a year. 

It’s the day that you love when you get a good deal. But also hate because you have either been kicked off websites because it can’t handle the flow or the woman in front of you stands back on your toes every two minutes while you wait in a queue 50 miles long. 

So here I am currently looking at the sales or what’s left of them trying to find potential Christmas presents… peace….at home. Amazingly none of the sites I have been on have crashed yet. So far though I have not seen anything I like. This is my biggest struggle that I look for things ‘I’ like and not what the person I’m buying the present for likes. So instead I’m probably going to end up buying something for myself which I will later regret and not buy one Christmas presents.

So here I am exactly one month till Christmas and I haven’t bought one single Christmas present. HELP! 


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