Siblings: younger ones who think they know everything about friendships

No doubt this will be the first of many relating to my sibling.

So many of you out there will have siblings. If you don’t then lucky you. If you do then you may be able to relate to some of the things in this post. Whether they are brothers or sisters, younger or older, you will of had a few almighty arguments with your sibling. 

I have only one sibling which is my little sister and also a huge pain in my ass. There’s a large age gap between us so I have experienced much in life that she has not. She has just left school and has started college where as I am now on my third job in my career after university. 

Tonight she is choosing to argue with me over friends and how friendship groups change while your at college. How new relationships change who your friends spend time with and others get pushed out or go off to meet new people. The whole experience of college shows who your friends are that will be there in the long term and those who will only be there for a short while. 

Both of these friendships are ok. It is ok to change who you choose to have dinner with and who you go out with on a night. Just because your not in each other’s pockets all the time doesn’t mean you still can’t be the best of friends. The friendships that are long term will probably have an elestic band effect when sometimes you speak all day everyday and then you may go months without speaking. The short term friendships are friends that you see regularly through one stage of your life e.g college and then after that you don’t talk barely and reduce down to only a ‘hi’ in the street. 

So tonight’s conversation has lead to explaining to the vee vone (what I call my sister as a nickname, not sure where it came from) that it doesn’t matter if your friends are close or if you grow apart. You are still friends and when you really need them they will be there for you. Especially the long term ones. There will always be that one friend that you can go months without talking to and still pick up where you left off like nothing has happened in between.

As much as my little sister doesn’t agree with this now she is still yet to see what happens in the future. 

(Picture credit to google as I didn’t have time to take a snap for this post)


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