When things don’t go quite as planned…

So my last post on here was Christmas Day. I described my plans on how I would wake my sister like I do every year. However the plans that day did not go the way we thought. 

We received a phone call that morning to say that my grandad was struggling to breathe. Within an hour we were all there with him and the ambulance had arrived to take him to hospital. Christmas for us was cancelled. Last Christmas was an extremely difficult time as grandad was in hospital over Christmas and new year. 

My grandad was a fighter however in early January he passed away in hospital one Sunday morning. I had stayed with him the night before up until me being too tired to stay awake any longer. I left just after midnight. At 7am that morning my mum called from the hospital to say he has passed.

Unfortunately me and my family have been unable to grieve since his passing. This is down to a disrespectful sister of my mothers been more concerned with money than the death of her own father. This person is no longer considered to be part of my family. Family do not torture their loved ones at times like these or at any other time. 

There is one lesson I have learnt from this experience. This is that blood is not thicker than water. Family means nothing to this person. I am grateful that I can lean on my immediate family and that I am able to chose my friends. There’s a reason you are able to chose your friends and that’s so that you can chose the people that you trust to stand by you. My friends are my family and they always will be through thick and thin.



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