When things don’t go quite as planned…

So my last post on here was Christmas Day. I described my plans on how I would wake my sister like I do every year. However the plans that day did not go the way we thought. 

We received a phone call that morning to say that my grandad was struggling to breathe. Within an hour we were all there with him and the ambulance had arrived to take him to hospital. Christmas for us was cancelled. Last Christmas was an extremely difficult time as grandad was in hospital over Christmas and new year. 

My grandad was a fighter however in early January he passed away in hospital one Sunday morning. I had stayed with him the night before up until me being too tired to stay awake any longer. I left just after midnight. At 7am that morning my mum called from the hospital to say he has passed.

Unfortunately me and my family have been unable to grieve since his passing. This is down to a disrespectful sister of my mothers been more concerned with money than the death of her own father. This person is no longer considered to be part of my family. Family do not torture their loved ones at times like these or at any other time. 

There is one lesson I have learnt from this experience. This is that blood is not thicker than water. Family means nothing to this person. I am grateful that I can lean on my immediate family and that I am able to chose my friends. There’s a reason you are able to chose your friends and that’s so that you can chose the people that you trust to stand by you. My friends are my family and they always will be through thick and thin.



Merry Christmas

So when I was younger my little sister always woke me up early so she could open presents. It was always painfully early and in my teenage years I wanted to strangle her. This is what happened as there’s a large age gap between us. However since I was 18 and she became a teenager I have taken it upon myself the return the favour……

So in T minus 25 minutes I will walk into her room, jump on the bed and bounce to wake her up like I have done every year since then. I will also continue to do so every Christmas as we will be at our parents on Christmas morning. However if we ever do decide not to come home for Christmas morning I’ll make sure I can find a way to wake her up 😉 


Siblings: younger ones who think they know everything about friendships

No doubt this will be the first of many relating to my sibling.

So many of you out there will have siblings. If you don’t then lucky you. If you do then you may be able to relate to some of the things in this post. Whether they are brothers or sisters, younger or older, you will of had a few almighty arguments with your sibling. 

I have only one sibling which is my little sister and also a huge pain in my ass. There’s a large age gap between us so I have experienced much in life that she has not. She has just left school and has started college where as I am now on my third job in my career after university. 

Tonight she is choosing to argue with me over friends and how friendship groups change while your at college. How new relationships change who your friends spend time with and others get pushed out or go off to meet new people. The whole experience of college shows who your friends are that will be there in the long term and those who will only be there for a short while. 

Both of these friendships are ok. It is ok to change who you choose to have dinner with and who you go out with on a night. Just because your not in each other’s pockets all the time doesn’t mean you still can’t be the best of friends. The friendships that are long term will probably have an elestic band effect when sometimes you speak all day everyday and then you may go months without speaking. The short term friendships are friends that you see regularly through one stage of your life e.g college and then after that you don’t talk barely and reduce down to only a ‘hi’ in the street. 

So tonight’s conversation has lead to explaining to the vee vone (what I call my sister as a nickname, not sure where it came from) that it doesn’t matter if your friends are close or if you grow apart. You are still friends and when you really need them they will be there for you. Especially the long term ones. There will always be that one friend that you can go months without talking to and still pick up where you left off like nothing has happened in between.

As much as my little sister doesn’t agree with this now she is still yet to see what happens in the future. 

(Picture credit to google as I didn’t have time to take a snap for this post)

Black Friday 

So today it’s Black Friday which means Christmas is on its way.  Also meaning there will have been at least 20 fights over a television, 50 fights over beer and thousands of fights between couples over suitable Christmas present for your uncles wife’s sister-in-laws daughter who you only see once a year. 

It’s the day that you love when you get a good deal. But also hate because you have either been kicked off websites because it can’t handle the flow or the woman in front of you stands back on your toes every two minutes while you wait in a queue 50 miles long. 

So here I am currently looking at the sales or what’s left of them trying to find potential Christmas presents…..in peace….at home. Amazingly none of the sites I have been on have crashed yet. So far though I have not seen anything I like. This is my biggest struggle that I look for things ‘I’ like and not what the person I’m buying the present for likes. So instead I’m probably going to end up buying something for myself which I will later regret and not buy one Christmas presents.

So here I am exactly one month till Christmas and I haven’t bought one single Christmas present. HELP! 

When nothing fits…

So here I am currently sat here in my livingroom close to meltdown. Why? Because I am going to the races this weekend with work and have nothing to wear. I have ordered 8 dresses in total and none fit. Baring in mind I have ordered the size I normally fit and a size up. So right now I could cry considering I have lost a stone and would of expected to go down in sizes not up. So back to square one trying to find more clothes that will hopefully fit and arrive before the weekend. Now to sort out this pile of clothing that needs to be returned. 

Sick of the fat life!

First Blog Post

So as i am new to writing a blog I will be writing small pieces while I am on my travels and when i have time. At the moment I am sat watching Disney’s Aristocats while looking for christmas presents. To begin with I will tell you a little about myself. I have currently started a new job in the last week which has been scary and difficult. Partially because I broke my toe a few days before starting and am currently hobbling around the office. I have also started a weight loss journey which I have been taking a break while my toe heals. It is coming up to christmas and there are many events I will be blogging about.

This blog will not reveal many personal details about myself as I am an ordinary 22 year old female however I hope that others can relate to some of my experiences. The things I write about will be from the past, present and future. Real life events that many of us go through daily however mine seem to be more embarrassing.

Please follow to keep updated.